Aurora Manufacturing processes


Starting from your ideas, concepts, diary layouts, drawings,... we can work these up and after your approval present them back to you in hard copy.


Printing department

Our sheet fed presses are used to print advertising in diaries, for covers of exercise books, notebooks, writing pads, school diaries,…. Our specially developed rotary press prints the various kinds of diaries, such as pocket, planning and office diaries.



Both industrial large run and small run quantities can be achieved on the appropriate machinery.
Our standard finishing includes soft and cardboard covers and a cover with pad. We master the art of numerous embellishments to products, such as gold foil blocking, gilt edging, blind embossing or silk screening on many substrates, including imitation leather, real leather, PVC and PP.
Our experience with special bindings such as spiral, wiro and perl/comb bindings is second to none. We have years of experience in manufacturing indexes and indexed products and our machinery is highly specialised in this area.
Here we also process welded covers for the bindery and filing articles principally in PVC and polypropylene.
We process our PVC items with high frequency welding machinery. These machines produce covers for exercise books and diaries in all their possible variations. From input by hand on welding tables to fully automatic input. The variety of products is limitless: clip folders, clip boards, folders with elastic, ring binders, lever arch files, ... just to name a few of them.


Paper converting

By using fully automatic production lines – starting from the paper rolls – we are able to ruling the paper, cutting it into sheets, collecting, applying staples, wrinkling, cutting to size, counting, stack piling, wrapping and packing to pallets. For the production of exercise books, notebooks, musical notations, students’ books, report books, ... and the manufacturing of writing pads, course pads, loose leaf papers, record cards, notebooks, spiral and wiro-bound books, we work in each case with specialised and full-featured machines.