Forest Stewardship Council

The "Forest Stewardship Council" FSC, is an international, independent and non-governmental not-for-profit organization aiming to promote responsible forest management on a social, ecological and economic level.

The "COC (Chain of Custody) certificate SGSCH-COC-003214" has been awarded to Aurora Productions in 2008 for the use of FSC certified paper in our school and office products. We find it important to relay this FSC message and the values this certificate stands for, to our customers.

Aurora Productions is striving for a reduction of its ecological footprint in a society where economic reality is measured by social and ecological values. Thus, Aurora Productions supports the FSC values for claiming wood and fibres for the production of the paper types we process. Our storage facilities and methods, processing and administration were adapted to the FSC criteria and are constantly evaluated and adjusted.

By stating the FSC licence number on our products, we try to make the public aware of the FSC message.

Download the certificat.

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